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The Hanging Club & The British Quidditch Cup

Hey guys! Today’s blog post covers three things –The Hanging Club by Tony Parsons, book news, and The British Quidditch Cup!

Having finished The Hanging Club I’m bummed to say it was a disappointment. The ending lacked a big twist and the pace was too slow with not enough action. This was unexpected, when I started reading the book I thought it was great, and having read JK Rowling’s crime novels, I’m used to the endings having a lot of new information presented, with the detective’s thoughts kept private from the reader until the last few pages. Maybe I’ve been spoilt. But The Hanging Club doesn’t have a massive twist or a piece of new information to make you want to buy the next book. It does come with a few pages of the next book though ( a rather lazy way to make you want to read more) so I’ll read them before considering if I’m sticking with Tony Parsons or not. I’ve just got The Sellout from my uni’s library and will hopefully have that read over the next few days. Although I’ve just finished all my summative assessments for this term, I’ve committed myself to three creative writing projects which are keeping me busy!

Back to books, the UK charts are being dominated by children’s books. As of 13/03/17 the best seller is Blob by David Walliams, followed by 9 other children’s books. This follows last week’s World Book Day so it’s not too surprising to see children’s literature take a firm hold of the charts, but I didn’t expect them to have such a large presence – it’s brilliant, and hopefully there to stay for a while.

Following my previous post about Endeavour and their decision to expand to print books, a study has recently shown a 4% rise in book purchases in physical stores during the last year. Online sales have decreased, according to Nielsen’s Books & Consumer annual survey. This is really interesting considering other company’s efforts to catch onto the e-books trends. The market has far from disappeared, but consumers are showing a preference to physical books, which will potentially slow down efforts to focus on e-book production. I’m in two minds about these findings. Pysical books will always be my favourite – I don’t own a kindle, and I like physically seeing my progress through a book and reading’s a nice break from staring at a screen. But e-books also appeal to those who wouldn’t otherwise read a book; people who feel they are only able to read widely when reading e-books. It hasn’t been looked into whether e-book sales are decreasing due to customers switching to physical books or if the customers have simply begun to stop reading. The growth in physical books hints that they’ve switched to physical books, which I hope is true – all reading is good reading!

Finally, I’m exhausted, achey and have questionable bruises, which only means one thing – I’ve been playing Quidditch. Not the average Quidditch & pub which gets me through the week, but rather, The British Quidditch Cup which was held in Rugeley on the 11th and 12th March. Now, The Norwich Niffler’s don’t have much of a reputation, and the reputation we do have is being the underperforming underdogs – consistency being an unfortunate feature. We always play well though, and this year we won our first game in 2 years! Against Durham’s second team, we were focussed, tactical and organised. This led to a lot of happy screaming when we caught the snitch when the other team were out of SWIM – meaning they did not have enough Quaffle points to win from a snitch catch. Our other games saw us all play great too, and after a tough game against Leeds where I managed to keep bludger possession against a very aggressive beater, I’m happy with how  did. Hoping things work out with America for next year, BQC will be my last QUK tournament for over a year. With Quidditch being a relatively new sport and constantly changing, it will be interesting to see what tournament format I come back to!

me q.jpg

Photo Credit: Claire Brand

Quick internship update before I go: I had my first day last week and loved it! Coming into work with your own desk and chair in an environment where people ask your name and see you as a capable intern rather than a body – well, it’s a welcome change from retail. I’m determined to learn everything I can and prove myself worthy of getting that internship so am looking forward to my second day tomorrow. Perhaps I will teach myself to like waking up before midday too…


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