January Publishing News

Reading the latest news in publishing and book selling, the first of two stories I’m most excited to see  reach fruition is the announcement that Vintage will be publishing a new series called ‘Vintage Minis’, a series of books containing extracts from authors on the different subjects such as love and death. Priced at £3.50 each and featuring nonfiction, fiction, and essays, I’m reminded of Quercus’ novelty Famous Five series. Whilst their Famous Five series was popular and a Christmas gift a lot of my friends received, it was restrictive in its price (some priced at around £8) and its content, I don’t think many readers would have been encouraged to read other books afterwards. This new Vintage Minis series promises a more affordable book which I imagine will be a popular gift, both a book in itself and giving readers suggestions of what they want to read in full and which authors they enjoy reading. It’s potential to encourage further reading seems brilliant and makes me wish these books would be marketed to children or have children’s editions. I can imagine topics such as parents and school would be successful.

The second news story I’m excited for is the news Ebury Press will be publishing Good As You: From Prejudice to Pride, 30 Years of Gay Britain by Paul Flynn in April. A book documenting the journey towards gay equality, I’m hoping it will have a large advertising budget and reaches non LGBT+ audiences. It’s great to see big name publishers interested in books about minority issues and hopefully this will be an increasing trend in an industry dominated by the white middle class. One glaring issue with the book is its focus on men and their story, with a few mentions of women but lacking attention towards the female efforts – sadly something common in LGBT news and studies. Still, some representation is better than none and I’ll be excited to pick up a copy come April.

On a personal note, I’ve applied for work experience at both Penguin and Hachette in the hope to gain my first experience in the industry. Fingers crossed I’ll get a place!


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