Career Of Evil by Robert Galbraith

Just when you think you’re done with dismembered, hacked up bodies, Jk Rowling sends you a severed leg. Career Of Evil offers the bitter aftertaste of The Silkworm in unappetising chunks, Robin and Strike following a trail of body parts. With The Silkworm being so aesthetically different from The Cuckoo’s Calling, I didn’t expect JK Rowling’s latest book to be following such a similar theme to its previous release. However, it’s complimented be an emotional story line which allows the reader to understand both Robin and Strike’s background. It’s not unexpected, the exploration of the possibility of a relationship between the two, and at first I was apprehensive, seeing the introduction of the question of romance too cliché and interruptive. However, JK Rowling does of course have the skill to approach it in exactly the right way, taking you with her in her view of what should happen to her characters. I found the book easier to read and follow than The Silkworm, with fewer new characters introduced in less of a rush. JK Rowling has said it was her favourite book to write, and it certainly plays up to that, a haunting yet delightful read.


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