I’ve disappointed myself. March saw me read no book completely but I think I have realised why. Besides being ill, busy with work and attending a Quidditch tournament (more on that later), forcing myself through ‘Naked Lunch’ and failing once again to see it through has made me realise I am no longer reading the books I fell in love with- action, adventure, fantasy. So whilst March didn’t see me complete a book it made me realise the cause of the reading blockage in my brain. I’m now happy to say I’ve recovered fantasy books I never got round to reading and will am looking forward to tackling them- Naked Lunch, one day I will get you! I have also begun reading JK’s next book, Career Of Evil which I am loving! I felt like a proper hipster white girl bookworm, spending 2 hours in a Costa reading it whilst waiting to be picked up for my first ever Quidditch tournament.

Quidditch is a very real sport nowadays- well muggle Quidditch, that is. Youtube is an excellent provider of clips explaining it and convincing you it is a real, dangerous sport. I’ve always known I wanted to participate in a uni  Quidditch society and have settled into the role of a Keeper for the Norwich Nifflers. Never fitting into a sport at school, Quidditch is definitely a place where everyone belongs- I doubt other sport teams take as much happiness in other peoples wins as their own and play purely for fun. Incidentally, Quidditch is the only place I’ve felt okay leaving my bags around unattended and it felt more like a con of lovely people more than anything else.

I’m keeping incredibly busy over the next few weeks. G6, a glee con is coming up the stress of that has crawled into my brain along with unfinished cosplays and my sinking back account as they get more complete. If I don’t write anymore on that, perhaps it isn’t happening. There’s also revision, essay writing which I put off over the Easter holidays, another Quidditch tournament the week after G6 and my Quidditch AGM coming up for which I am running for Secretary/Vice President. I’ve also just booked tickets to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show twice when it comes to Norwich in September.

As well as all this, I‘m beginning to make plans for my summer. I’ve applied to two internships at Penguin Random House. Whilst I don’t expect to get them, I’m glad I’ve applied and am also looking into work experience over the summer in a publishing house. Whatever waits, I’m sure it will be fun!

Happy Reading (and hopefully next time I will have actually read a new book…)

Laura xxx


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