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World Book Day 2016

Happy World Book Day!

World Book day is a day that, unless you’re under 12, you probably won’t know or care about. A World TV Day or Film day would almost certainly generate more excitement that a book day. But for lovers of books and dressing up as characters (the absolute best thing about this day when I was younger), World Book Day still has a special place in our hearts. Now I’m older, I find myself seemingly having less and less time to read books- though whilst writing this I’m remembering how had the time to stay  up until 5am last night scouting out cosplay pieces on ebay- and I’m sure this is a thing felt amongst most teenagers and adults.

Knowing that a copy of Robert Galbraith’s Career of Evil lies for me back home at my parent’s house leaves me with a week and a half of no reading for pleasure planned. But after reading And The Hippo’s Were Boiled In Their Tanks and enjoying it, I’m going to challenge myself to read Allen Ginsberg’s Naked Lunch before I let myself touch Career Of Evil. It’s a challenging read, but hopefully writing that I’m going to read it will pressure me into focussing on finishing it.

The costumes I remember wearing as a child on World Book Day include Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, Proffessor Umbridge and Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series and, (I think) Little Red Riding Hood. Now older, ‘dressing up’ has become a slightly better respected ‘cosplay’, and I’m currently working on potential Brittany Pierce costumes for G6, a Glee & Starkid convention I’ll be attending in 6 weeks.

Hopefully knowing it’s World Book Day has inspired you to pick up that book you’ve been planning on reading or start browsing for the next book you want to read. If not, then I hope at the very least this has brought back some fond memories of previous World Book Days.

Happy Reading!


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